Daoist Articles

The following are some examples of the information currently being taught during Professor Jerry Alan Johnson’s Closed-Door Daoist Priest classes. The purpose for making these special teachings available to the public are two fold.

  • First, because so many individuals have contacted Professor Johnson seeking help in their Daoist Alchemical training, he has decided to make certain teachings available to those who will understand and appreciate the inner workings of these simple teaching, and use them to spiritually grow and energetically transform their lives.


  •  Second, because our true Original State (Yuan Shen) is accessed through True Emptiness (defined as being empty of all words and concepts), these simple teachings are offered to help the disciple obtain a good foundation towards uncovering the hidden spiritual states contained within his or her Creative Energies. In order to obtain the magical state of True Emptiness, the disciple is required to first empty his mind of all attachments to images, thoughts, and feelings, both positive and negative. This freeing of the mind is extremely important, as a disciple cannot mobilize the power of his body and mind without first freeing it of its imprisoned, subconscious, imprinted compulsions and habits. Only by emptying oneself of everything, both negative and positive, can that which is beyond all things, the True Dao, be awakened and manifested, allowing the True Yang spiritual state to be internally reborn. Therefore, these exercises are specifically designed in order to uncover, awaken, and encourage the disciples in his or her journey towards reaching this deeper spiritual state.

The Story of Fire…

Emotional Alchemy And Spiritual Transformation

Becoming A Tian Yun Gong Daoist Disciple, Priest & Abbot

The Forgiveness Ritual

Priest Class #1: Dissension

Priest Class #2: Isolation

Priest Class #3: Entitlement (Spiritual Arrogance)

Before Marriage Counseling

Spiritual Death – Physical Death