Baguazhang Shifu (Master Teacher) Requirements

Dong Haichuan

Dong Haichuan

Bagua Reeling and Pulling Silk Sets

  1. Pulling Silk (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  2. Reeling Silk (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  3. Separate Heaven and Earth (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  4. Push the Pillars to form “T” (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  5. Embrace the Sun (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  6. Lion Carries Ball (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  7. Old Man Casting Line (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  8. Rolling Bear (Fu Zhen-Song)
  9. Rolling Phoenix (Fu Zhen-Song)
  10. Rolling Horse (Fu Zhen-Song)
  11. Four Corner Kicking (Fu Zhen-Song)

Bagua Coiling Sets

  1. On Guard (Yin Fu)
  2. Rise, Drill Fall and Overturning Palm (Yin Fu)
  3. White Snake Spits Out Tongue (Yin Fu)
  4. Yin and Yang palm (Yin Fu)
  5. Heaven Overturning Palm (Yin Fu)
  6. Intercepting, Pounding Palm (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  7. Green Dragon Turns its Body (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  8. Hurricane Palm (Fu Zhen-Song)
  9. Coiling Elbows (Fu Zhen-Song)
  10. Serving Tea Cups (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  11. Lion Rolls Ball (Chang Zhao-Dong)
  12. Piercing Palm (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  13. Coiling Waist Palm (Cheng Ting-Hua)
  14. Lazy Dragon Rolls on Beach (Fu Zhen-Song)
  15. Splitting Palm (Cheng Ting-Hua)

Plum Blossom Iron Shirt (Shaolin)

  1. Easy Eight
  2. Fusion of the Five Gates (Spine)
  3. Fusion of the Five Pillars (Sides)
  4. Turtle and Snake
  5. Phoenix Spreads Wings
  6. Iron Bridge Bar
  7. Hard Eight

Golden Bell Covering (Wudang)

  1. Inner Fascia Training (Penis Gong)
  2. Internal Body Packing
  3. Test of Sound (Heng – Ha- Hai)
  4. Test of Power (Fa-Jing, Fa-Qi, Fa-Shen)
Masters at the Beijing Bagua Bagua Research Institute accept a new Tudi-Disciple Arnold E. Tayam – 1995

Masters at the Beijing Bagua Bagua Research Institute accept a new Tudi-Disciple Arnold E. Tayam – 1995

Bagua Whipping Sets

  1. Enticing Palm
  2. Thunder Palm
  3. Lightening Palm
  4. Splitting Palm
  5. Hooking and Seizing Palm
  6. Crushing Palm
  7. Piercing Palm
  8. Vibrating Palm

Bagua Eight Animal Hand Techniques

  1. Twin Fishes (R/L)
  2. Tiger Licking Whiskers (R/L)
  3. Double Dragon’s Coiling Palms (R/L)
  4. Snake Shakes Head (R/L/F/B)
  5. Bear Palm (R/L)
  6. Monkey Palm/ Enveloping Palm (R/L)
  7. Phoenix Folding Elbows (R/L)
  8. Unicorn/Intercepting Palm (R/L)

Eight Animal Kicking Sets

  1. Lion Crossover Stomp
  2. Snake Front Snap
  3. Falcon Free Swinging Kick
  4. Bear Thunder Kick
  5. Unicorn Crescent Kick
  6. Monkey Back Kick
  7. Phoenix Scooping Kick
  8. Dragon Coiling Kick

Eight Animal Elbow Sets

  1. Bear Straight Forward Lunge
  2. Lion Cross-Over Hook
  3. Dragon Roll and Slice
  4. Falcon Fold and Split
  5. Monkey Turn and Split
  6. Unicorn Intercepting Uppercut
  7. Snake Half-Split
  8. Phoenix Spreads Wings

Bagua Stepping Training
Yin and Yang Straight Line Fighting Sets

  1. Bear Palm/Monkey Palm (Four Corners Stepping)
  2. Lion Thunder Palm/Vibrating Palm (Spinning Ba Stepping)
  3. Falcon Splitting Palm/Phoenix Throwing Palm (Stealing Step)
  4. Snake Piercing Palm/Overhead Coiling Dragon palm (Snake Step)
Master Duan Zhi Liang

Master Duan Zhi Liang

Bagua Stepping Training

  1. Corner Stepping
  2. Circle -Walking
  3. Reverse Stepping
  4. Trigram Stepping: Attack-Defend-Attack
  5. Trigram Stepping: Defend-Attack-Defend

Daoist Circle Walking Meditation Exercise

  1. Energizing the Three Dantians
  2. Morning and Evening Circle Walking Incantation
  3. Three Realm Circle Stepping

Bagua “Mother” Form and Application Training
Preheaven Baguazhang Form (Secret Eight Palms)

  1. On Guard Left
  2. On Guard Right
  3. Hands Floating Across Water
  4. Embrace Ball at Lower Dantian
  5. Embrace Ball at Middle Dantian
  6. Embrace Ball at Upper Dantian
  7. Big Pong Spreads Wings
  8. Lion Carrying Ball
  9. Dragon Exposes Claws
  10. Monkey Scaling Tree
  11. Lion Becomes Phoenix
  12. Coiling Dragon Striking Obliquely
  13. Heavenly Palm Strikes the Pagoda
  14. Step Back to Repulse the Monkey
    (Repeat form on other Side)

Postheaven Baguazhang Forms

  • Jiang Rong Qiao – Original Baguazhang Form 
  • Cheng Yulung – Yin Dragon Baguazhang Form 
  • Chan Panling – Yang Dragon Baguazhang Form 
  • Sun Lutang – Baguazhang Form  
  • Liu Dekuan – Bagua-Xingyi Combination Form
  • Liu Dekuan – 64 Linking Palms Form
  • Free-Style Combat Fighting

Baguazhang Palm Training

  • Lion Crushing Palm Training
  • Unicorn Vibrating Palm Training
  • Snake Piercing Palm Training
  • Falcon Splitting Palm Training
  • Dragon Drilling Palm Training
  • Phoenix Intercepting Palm Training
  • Bear Thunder Palm Training
  • Monkey Lightning Palm Training

Bagua Weapons Training

Staff Forms and Combat Applications
      •  Bagua Eight Circular Staff (Form and Applications) 
      •  Hung Family (Southern Yin) Staff (Form and Applications)
      •  Eight Immortal (Northern Yang) Staff  (Form and Applications)
      •  Fishing Pole Staff (Form and Applications)
      •  Mizhong (Lost-Track) Staff (Form and Applications)
      •  Taiji Staff (Form and Applications)

Bagua Broadsword (Knife) Form and Combat Applications

  • Bagua Eight Circular Broadsword Set
  • Bagua Two-Man Broadsword Combat Sets
  • Free-Style Broadsword Fighting
  • Bagua Big Broadsword
  • Bagua Big Broadsword Fighting
  • Bagua Elbow Knives
  • Knife Fighting Combat Applications
  • Free-Style Knife Fighting

Bagua Sword Form and Combat Applications
      •  Bagua Eight Immortal Sword
      •  Bagua Sun Lutang Eight Circular Sword
      •  Two-Man Combat Sets
      •  Free-Style Sword Fighting   

Bagua Miscellaneous Weapons Form and Applications
      •  Bagua Deer-Horn Knives
      •  Bagua Spear
      •  Bagua Judge’s Pen

Bagua Eight Animal Fighting Applications

  • Qian (Lion) – Crushing Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Kun (Unicorn) – Vibrating Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Kan (Snake) – Piercing Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Li (Falcon) – Splitting Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Zhen (Dragon) – Drilling Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Xun (Phoenix) – Intercepting Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Gen (Bear) – Thunder Palm Training – Auxiliary Training
  • Dui (Monkey) – Sticky Palm Training – Auxiliary Training


  • Treating Sprains and Dislocations
  • Cupping Therapy 
  • Moxa Therapy
  • Bone Setting
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Five Element Tuina Therapy
  • “Barefoot Doctor” Trauma Medicine

Sixty-Four Secret Neigong Training

  • Sixteen Internal Principles
  • Forty Internal Functions
  • Eight Metaphysical Boxing Applications

Martial Qigong and Neigong Training 

  • Ming Jing (Obvious Power) Training
  • An Jing (Hidden Power) Training
  • Hua Jing (Transforming Power) Training

Combat Training and Fighting

  1. Rolling Palm Techniques
  2. Sticking and Trapping Hands and Legs
  3. Seven Star Striking (Hand, Fist, Elbow, Shoulder, Head, Hip, Knee, & Foot)
  4. Seven Star Locking (Fingers, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Next, Knee, & Ankle)
  5. Throwing
  6. Kicking
  7. Ground Fighting
  8. Choke-outs
  9. Point Paralyzing
  10. Inside-Midrange-Outside Fighting
Bagua Fight Test

Bagua Fight Test

Two-Men Fighting Drill

  • Bagua Stepping Drills
  • Bagua Two-Man Fighting Sets
  • Bagua Push Hands
  • Bagua Rolling Palms

Two-men Fighting Set

  • Yin Fu Fighting Sets
  • Cheng Ting-Hua Fighting Sets
  • Liu De Kuan Fighting Sets
  • Fu Zhen-Song Fighting Sets
  • Chang Zhao-Dung Fighting Sets
  • Golden Ding Circle of Fire (Inside Fighting 2 vs 1)
  • Golden Snake Formation (Outside – Multiple Opponent Fighting)

Reading Assignment

  • Sunzu’s Art of War 
  • Essence of Internal Martial Arts: Volume #1
  • Essence of Internal Martial Arts: Volume #2


Baguazhang Shifu (Masters) and Tudi (Disciples)

In Chinese Martial Gongfu, all individuals who train with a master are considered to be his “students,” but not his “disciples.” The difference is that a “student” commonly trains with the martial group as a “social-artist;” while a “disciple” is specifically chosen, and sponsored by a senior disciple or teacher to receive “Closed-Door” training. In order to be formally accepted as a disciple, the apprentice must perform a special “offering tea” (or wine) ritual, and proclaim an “Oath of Commitment” to the initial Martial Family lineage. The disciple then undergoes special “Closed-Door” training, through which he is constantly tested, and his martial skill continually refined. This intense training is classically known as “eating-bitter.” This type of training is essential, as all lineage disciples are specifically chosen to carry on the Martial Family Name. The following list of Baguazhang lineage disciples, have trained for several years under Master Instructor Jerry Alan Johnson, and have officially completed the specific requirements for the following rank of:


Baguazhang Shifu (Masters) and Tudi (Disciples)

Baguazhang Shifu (Master) List

(#1) Shifu Bing Kai Lee
(#2) Shifu Joe Crandall
(#3) Shifu Jeffrey Roth
(#4) Shifu Robert E. Clarr
(#5) Shifu Arnold E. Tayam
(#6) Shifu Todd Matthew Gedryn
(#7) Shifu Matthew B. Weston
(#8) Shifu Bernard Shannon
(#9) Shifu Charles R Ganzon
(#10) Shifu William Welch Jr.
(#11) Shifu Daniel J. Devine



Baguazhang Tudi (Disciple) List

(#1) Tudi John Turner
(#2) Tudi Phil Ostrander
(#3) Tudi Dan Pfister
(#4) Tudi E.J. Ballenti
(#5) Tudi Robert E. Blaisdell
(#6) Tudi John DeAnzo
(#7) Tudi Tyler Cole
(#8) Tudi Kelly Ryan Lake
(#9) Tudi Erika Rosa Johnson