Esoteric Daoist Mysticism

The five Daozhang (Daoist Abbotts) of Tian Yun Gong From Left to Right: Dr. Daniel Devine, Dr. William Welch Jr., Dr. Laura Johnson-McCreary, Dr. John DeAnzo, and Tom Dicklin

Welcome to the official web site of the Temple of Change and Transformation (Bian Huan Gong), located in Monterey California. The Temple of Change and Transformation is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Religious Organization, founded by Senior Abbot, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson in 2005, and is a Diocese of the Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain) Daoist Monastery located in Jiangxi Province, China. This special Daoist Temple is a sanctum for devotees of Chinese Medical Qigong Healing, Daoist Internal Martial Arts Instruction, and the study of Esoteric Daoist Mysticism.

The secret wisdom and esoteric experiences gained from training Daoist Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Mysticism is deep and profound. The radiant illuminations of their most subtle meanings are beyond words, and can only be grasped by direct experience. According to the ancient Daoist teaching of the Huangdi Yinfu Jing, “The Canopy of Space and Time is in your hands, Ten Thousand Transformations arise from within your body.”

We at the Temple of Change and Transformation are currently offering to the public a unique opportunity to study and practice these ancient, powerful Daoist esoteric arts. The special courses currently taught through the Temple of Change and Transformation include:

•  Classes in Daoist based Internal Martial Arts Training (Taijiquan, Taijichih, and Baguazhang)

•  Classes in Daoist based Energetic Medicine (Medical Qigong Therapy and Tuina Therapy)

•  Classes in Daoist based Magical Arts (Esoteric Daoist Mysticism and Daoist Alchemical Transformation Training)

Seven Stages of Advancement


All Daoist Martial, Medical, and Magic classes follow a special Seven Star system of enlightenment training, described as follows:

• “Xuesheng” (Student): Someone who is seeking direction, and is studying the basic introduction training.

• “Daoyou” (“Friend of the Dao”): Someone who has chosen the path, and is currently receiving and practicing the traditional training.

• “Dizi” (“Disciple”): Someone who has taken a “Vow of Dedication and Obligation,” has received their Daoist Lineage Name, and has become accepted as an Apprentice Candidate under a qualified teacher.

• “Tudi” (“Apprentice”): Someone who has taken the second oath (the “Vow of Dedication and Commitment”), and has formally become initiated as an Apprentice, devoted to the study, teaching, and internal mastery of the Art.

• “Daoshi” (“Daoist Priest”) or Shifu (“Master Teacher”): Someone who can demonstrate the embodiment and mastery of the work.

• “Daozhang” (“Head of the Dao” or “Abbot”): Someone who oversees the teaching of the Daoshi or Shifu.

• “Zhuchi” (“Senior Abbot”): Someone who oversees the teaching of the Daozhang.


Training Books On Esoteric Daoist Mysticism

One of the world’s most ancient systems of self-development, Esoteric Daoist Mysticism uses postures, breathing, and meditation to dissolve stress, heal common illnesses, and activate the students spiritual Skills. The curriculum contained within these special courses, are made available to the public through 8 special Daoist textbooks, written by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. These were originally introduced to the public, in order to educate students of Chinese Esoteric Magic as to the various secret Daoist Rituals, Magical Tools, and esoteric training still practiced in most Daoist Monasteries, described as follows:

8 – Books on Esoteric Daoist Magic

• Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals, and Star Stepping

• Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar

• Daoist Exorcism: Encounters With Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits, And Demons

• Daoist Mineral, Plant, and Animal Magic

• Daoist Weather Magic and Feng Shui

• Daoist Magical Transformation Skills, Dream Magic, Shape-Shifting, Soul Travel, and Sex Magic

• Daoist Magical Talismans

• Daoist Internal Alchemy: Neigong and Weigong Training

The understanding of Daoist Mysticism in the West has been hampered by the lack of accessibility to the true knowledge of ancient Chinese magic. This esoteric information only survived through centuries of secrecy, traditionally handed down from master to student.

Even in China today, the general public has no true awareness of the incredible power hidden within the secret art of ancient Daoist Mysticism. Unless specifically sponsored and initiated as a Dizi (disciple), most individuals who wish to study esoteric Daoism only have access to monasteries that commonly perform ceremonies popularized by “Religious” Daoist sects (which are sanctioned and controlled by the government’s Ministry of Religion).

The theory and practical application of ancient Chinese Sorcery is really no different in training than other popular schools of esoteric Magic. For example, there are nine levels of ranking, each level requires the mastery of specific Alchemical Transformations, Magical Skills, and Magical Tools, etc.

Ancient occult magic was never intended to replace orthodox religion, but rather to complement it in its quest for a deeper understanding of esoteric spirituality. Through the alchemy of prayer and meditation, an individual can be transformed into an enlightened or “awakened” state of consciousness.

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