Bian Hua Gong

The Temple of Change and Transformation

As I change and transform, so has the Temple in which I am called to reside. After spending time in prayer and meditation, I have decided to let go of the Tian Young Gong Temple and create a new entity - the “Bian Hua Gong”. This new Temple, “The Temple of Change and Transformation,” is most aligned with my current values and vision of the future. 

This change has inspired us to restructure the way in which we make the information available to the public. The information we provide is now available to everyone, no matter their prior training and experience, and regardless of what their approach to health and healing has been up until now. 

It became apparent that this information should be available to the public after teaching our last seminar. I truly believe the divine will guide whoever is meant to show up and receive these trainings. 

In the spirit of change and transformation of the Bian Hua Gong, we have shifted our approach and class structure in order to accommodate and benefit all students who truly hunger and thirst after such knowledge. Because I believe in the importance of passing this knowledge, and the great value and sacrifice that individuals placed on obtaining this information, I felt it necessary to make these classes available to all. 

In the coming days, I will be releasing the details and structure of our new trainings which will be available to those who wish to change and transform their lives with these teachings. The main purpose and goal of these new teachings is to reveal hidden knowledge, and make it available to all who want to incorporate this mystical training into their daily lives. 

Daoist Mysticism

Daoist Martial Arts