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Special classes are offered in the secret instruction of esoteric Daoist Internal Martial Arts, including Taijiquan (Great Ultimate Boxing), and Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm). This special instruction includes forms, self-defense applications, and various weapons training. Also included in the teaching are special Daoist Martial Neigong (Internal Skill), Qigong (Energy Skill), and Shengong (Spirit Skill) training. The curriculum contained within these special courses are made available to the public through 2 special Daoist Internal Martial Arts Books, 7 DVDs, and 2 CDs written and produced by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. These were originally introduced to the public, in order to educate students of Daoist Internal Martial Arts to the various secret training methods of the esoteric Chinese Gongfu practices, described as follows:

2 – Books on Internal Martial Arts


• Volume 1 – The Essence of Internal Martial Arts: Esoteric Fighting Techniques and Healing Methods

• Volume 2 – The Essence of Internal Martial Arts: Energy Theory and Cultivation


6 – DVDs on Training Baguazhang

• The Eight Animal School of Pa Kua Chang

• Original Form of Pa Kua Chang

• The Eight Circular Pa Kua Staff

• The Eight Circular Pa Kua Broadsword

• The Dragon School of Pa Kua Chang

• The Fighting Techniques of Pa Kua Chang


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1 – DVD on Training Taijiquan Neigong DVD

• Tai Chi Healing Workout


2 – CDs on Training Shengong Meditations

• “Eight Direction Perception” Tai Chi Meditation #2 –CD

• “Life-force Breathing” Tai Chi Meditation #1 – CD

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