The Simplified

6-Stage Taiji Ruler System

January 2020


In January 2020, Dr. Johnson will begin teaching an exciting new 2-year energy cultivation course – which will include the mystical teachings that accompany the six secret stages of Daoist Master Chen Tuan’s Taiji Zhi (Tai Chi Ruler) system.

This dynamic energy cultivation system is simple – yet profound - and can be used for internal martial arts training, self-healing, and spiritual refinement. The entire system includes the following: 

  1. The 10.5-inch Taiji Ruler training (sitting & standing exercises), 

  2. The Shengong (spirit skill) application training, 

  3. The 2-person 3-foot Taiji Ruler training (stationary & Moving), 

  4. The 10-inch Taiji Ball training (table & holding exercises), 

  5. The 9-foot Taiji Post-training (vibration projection) 

  6. The hanging 8x12” Rice-Paper Striking training (advanced vibration projection skill).

 Also included in this course will be the different Daoist Qigong (energy skill), Shengong (spirit skill), and Neigong (inner skill) exercises that traditionally accompany each level of this ancient Chinese energy cultivation system.

 A small outline of this unique teaching can be found in Dr. Johnson’s book titled: The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine: Volume #3, Chapter 26 (pages 267-279).

 The first class will be taught on Friday night, starting January 10th.