The Forgiveness Ritual

Forgiveness is defined as the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, disagreement, or mistake. This includes the act of ceasing to demand punishment and/or restitution for any and all past actions. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Forgiveness as: “to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt.”

The act of Forgiveness is not an “agreement with” or an “approval of” whatever happened to you in your life. Nor is it an invitation for any type of violation or misbehavior to be repeated. Forgiveness is the energetic act of bringing yourself back into the Living Moment. It allows you to return back, and again experience life from the spiritual state of your True Self. This liberating state allows your spirit to spontaneously arise and truly experience each and every instance; it also frees your mind to experience “What’s Next.”

In most magical practices, it is through the act of Forgiveness that we choose to become spiritually alive, allowing us to live in the state of “Now.” It is through the act of Forgiveness that we choose to not waste any more of our live-force energy identifying with and dwelling on the things that have happened in the past. It frees us from obsessing over things that we can never change. According to ancient teachings, it is within this spiritual state of “living in the Now,” that we have the power to freely choose what we give our Attention to, instead of unconsciously react. When we place our Attention onto something, we direct and invest our Life Force Energy, and give our Creative Power to that person, place, or thing that is currently occupying our mind. We then subconsciously ask for “more” of what we are attracting to our lives, and then an energetic pattern is created.

The emotional states of Guilt, Blame, Shame, etc. are all various strategies of the internal Vanity. These emotional states are commonly used in order to give us a sense of power, by “feeling bad about” or “hating” something. In life, people create a false identity (a false conditional self), that internally expresses the important “need” for being “right.” It is through “obsessing over” and “acting from” this acquired way of thinking, that hate is manifested both internally and externally. It is from these various forms of internal “haunting,” that many individuals sacrifice the true “Aliveness and Health” of their living body. This is accomplished through obsessing over their past, or through distressing over something they wish to forget.


Intercepting Karma

In esoteric Daoist Alchemy, in order to develop and create the Golden Embryo, it is essential for the disciple to be able to transform his Yin Shen (Turbid Spirit) into Yang Shen (Bright Spirit). In order to transform spiritual energy, the disciple must consciously choose to be accountable for all of his actions and non-actions. Sometimes known as “Intercepting Karma,” this secret method is traditionally used in order to remove all energetic cords attached to the various “stories” of the disciple’s past experiences.


Testing the Past

You can tell if any of the “old stories” of your past are still internally active and currently draining away your life-force energy. This is revealed by simply remembering a past incident that caused you hurt or trauma, and begin to talk about it. If any emotional patterns begin to arise within your body (usually heard within the voice, observed on the face, etc.), the story still has an energetic charge, and should be eliminated.


Releasing Energetic Cords

Releasing all energetic cords that are still attached to the old story through sincere forgiveness, forever frees the disciple’s Three Bodies of the chronic energetic draining that is required in order to keep these past stories alive.

The true forgiving and releasing of the old story’s trapped energy, is traditionally perceived as only being liberated from the Three Bodies after it has been internally processed through four levels of energetic releasing, described in the following order:

• Forgive Yourself: First, begin by releasing all mental and emotional attachments to the guilt and blame that is energetically connected to an old “story” experienced from your past. In this beginning stage, the disciple must choose to stop accusing himself of any and all previous actions surrounding this memory.

• Forgive the Situation: Next, release any and all attachments to the feelings of guilt and blame that are still energetically connected to the “situation” (i.e., the circumstances that surrounded what happened).

• Forgive the Perpetrator: Now, release any and all attachments to the feelings of guilt and blame that exist towards the individual who you believe hurt you. Sometimes you may have to realize that they were “emotionally handicapped,” and unable to respond to you or anyone in a healthy way.

• Forgive God: Finally, release any and all attachments to feelings of blaming or accusing the Divine for the things that happened surrounding this incident.

• Understanding and Gratitude for the Lessons Learned: Once the disciple can truly forgive, he will then free himself from the “story” that surrounds the trauma, and be able to have true gratitude for the experience and the valuable lessons that were learned. This “awakened state” will transform the Yin Shen (dark spiritual energy) that surrounded the “old” memory into Yang Shen (bright spiritual energy), which can then be cultivated as Ling Qi (Spiritual Energy) and Ling Shen (Spiritual Mind). Additionally, the lessens learned from these transformed stories can also be used in order to help others grow and progress in their own spiritual walks.

In order to assist them in their healing process, I encourage all of my disciples to perform the following “Forgive, Release, and Revoke Ritual,” especially when beginning the initial stage of Intercepting Karma. When performing this special ritual, the transforming prayer must be spoken for each and every traumatic memory that has transpired in the disciple’s past.

I encourage each disciple to make a list of names, and begin the transforming process with each person on the list. As the list continues to grow, it is important for the disciple to also perform this special ritual whenever memories and “ghosts from the past” surface, and begin to “haunt” their present state of mind.


Magical Ritual to Forgive, Release, & Revoke

1. The Preparation: First, purify yourself, then go to the Altar Room, light the two red candles, and offer 3 incense sticks as a token of your respect. Then pray and connect your spirit with the Divine, and choose to serve, for the highest good.

2. The Consecration and Sanctification of the Altar Space: Next, say the following incantation, to invoke the celestial presence responsible for overseeing the spiritual trans- formation process. The Dedication is specifically addressed to your “Highest Power” (the spiritual lineage you are currently serving).

“I invoke the Divine Presence

of God’s Most Holy Light;

That it surround and protect me now,

with His Invincible Might.


I dedicate this Magic Ritual,

to the Glory of the Most Divine;

So that all may truly forgive and forget, 

and heal their place in time.”


To begin this Work – and start the Rite, 

I create a circle – of Divine Light.

To keep us safe – from all that’s tragic, 

while we performed – this ritual magic.”


I ask that all – my Spirit Teachers, 

Divine Guardians – and Celestial Healers, 

Be with me now – to help me complete

this sacred work – as our spirits meet!”


I create the circle – pure and bright, 

Embrace the source – of all that’s right. 

God’s light now shines – for all to see it, 

I start this ritual Now – So Be It!


3. The Announcement and Dedication: Sometimes two chairs are positioned facing each other, inside the sacred circle. The disciple will sit in one chair, and the summoned spirit is placed in the other chair. Next, say the following “Announcement of Intent,” describing the specific purpose of the magical ritual:

“I ask that this healing work be done today

between myself and ___________,

and I ask that the Guardians

Now escort his (her) spirit

into this sacred healing space.


And allow our spirits to participate

in this sacred healing ritual; 

dedicated to forgiving, releasing, and revoking

all actions of our past.”

4. The Act of Contrition: Repeat the following:

I pray that all who are responsible

for our Spiritual Evolution,

Our Celestial Guides and Teachers,

Guardians and Protectors,

and all people involved

forgive us for what happened between us.


“I forgive You for what happened between us – 

I forgive Myself for what happened between us – 

and I forgive what happened between us!”


5. The Statement of Release and Transformation: Next, say the following affirmation, and ask for the assistance of a Celestial Guardian to come and sever any and all energetic cords that are still attached and connected to the energy of your Three Bodies, the individual, and the “old story:”

“I now ask the Most Divine,

to allow the Sword of Truth be lifted up

and Strike like Lightning!

Completely severing, disconnecting,

and removing any and all

spiritual and energetic attachments

that still exist between us

in all realms of existence;

so that this will be

a permanent healing!”

Now, with your right hand, snap your fingers, form a “Sword Finger” Hand Seal, and immediately make a cutting gesture from the left side of your head, downward.

As you perform the following incantation, pause, and imagine their energy being lifted from your body, ascending towards the Divine, being purified, and then returned back into their body.

Then, imagine your energy being lifted from their body, ascending towards the Divine, being purified and returned back into your body. The transforming incantation is repeated as follows:

May all the things – God gave to you,

Be lifted from me – through and through.

Through all the life times – we have shared,

In every realm – your soul was bared.


May it now be – returned to you,

As Divine Light – Through and Through. 

As it returns – your mind must see it, 

Let your spirit heal – So Be It.


May all the things – God gave to me,

Be lifted from you – most graciously.

Through all the life times – we have shared,

In every realm – my soul was bared.


May it return – to me as light,

Divine and sacred – pure and bright.

As it returns –  I will receive it,

With gratitude and love – So Be It.


I release you from each – and every Vow,

Agreements, contracts – then and now.

What is known – and unknown too,

That no longer serves – the highest you.


I revoke and dissolve – all vows I made,

Agreements and Oaths – to you now Fade.

What’s known and unknown – or perceived to be, 

That no longer serves – the highest me.


I revoke all Magic – Spells and Charms,

All Thought-forms that – would do you harm.

Be forever – gone from sight,

Resolved, dissolved – in God’s Pure Light.


All Magic that – you aimed at me,

Forever dissolved – So Let It Be;

Be forever – gone from sight,

Resolved, dissolved – in God’s Pure Light.


6. The Statement of Closure: After again using the Right Hand Sword Fingers Hand Seal to sweep in front of you to cut the energetic cords that have been attached between you and the individual, repeat the following “Statement of Closure” in a strong, serious voice:

By the power – of the Most Divine,

By the Guardians – of all space and time,

The powers of – the Purest Three,

Support our Spirits – to be free!


“Forever silence – that which was wrong,

Bind and Remove it – Be Now Gone!

Our Bodies, Families – Work and Life,

Forever freed – from this pain and strife!”


The Past forever – locked and sealed,

All involved – Will now be Healed!

This sacred work – is closed and done,

The spirit’s healed -and now moves on!


By the power – of the Three,

I’m given this – Authority.

To Close All doorways – in time and Space,

And begin anew – from this Sacred Place.


May all removed – that was dark and blight,

Be now replaced – with love and light.

May anger, hurt – and pain revealed,

From this day forward – be now healed.


May the Spirit – of the most Divine,

Protect and keep you – throughout time,

Wrap and seal you – in his Grace,

Be now held – is his Embrace.


“Purified through – the Highest Light,

The power and authority – of God’s Might,

And all the Teachers – of the One,

Support this Closure – Be Now Done!


(Use your right hand Sword Finger Hand Seal and make a Cutting gesture from your head to the floor)…

Now relax your breath, and allow the light of the Divine to settle throughout your Three Bodies, releasing and transforming any energy resonating within your Physical Body, Energy Body, and Spirit Body.

  • Once you feel a Divine Peace reside within your heart, ask the Celestial Guardians to escort the individual’s spirit back into their body.

7. Returning the Spirit: In order to end this part of the ritual, it is important to thank the Guardians and return the individual’s spirit back into their body. Therefore, repeat the following “Returning Incantation,” spoken as follows:

I thank you _________- for coming today,

to this sacred healing – in the Way;

May your Spirit – return back to life,

Washed and cleansed – from this pain and strife.


Now go in peace – no more dismayed,

the lessons learned – and debt is paid.

Forever freed – by the Most Divine,

We start anew – in space and time.


May God’s love and light – forever be, 

The guiding light – that keeps us free.


• Then, thank the celestial helpers, and proceed to summon the next individual on your list of names, and repeat procedures 3 through 6.

• After completing several names, when you desire to end the ritual, proceed as follows:

8. Ending the Ritual: In order to end the ritual, say the following “Closing Incantation,” spoken as follows:

I thank you all – who came today,

Who helped assist me – in the Way.

This Sacred Work – in here is done,

In unity – we worked as one.


All who guide me – on my path,

and protect me from – Demonic Wrath.

Who give me rest – and comfort me,

with the safety of – the Purest Three.


Teachers, Guides – Protectors, All,

Assist each person – hear their call.

God’s light belongs – to them as Heirs,

May they receive – what’s truly theirs.


To complete this Work – and end the Rite,

I dissolve the circle – made of Light.

That kept us safe – from all that’s tragic,

while we performed – the ritual magic.


I now return it – back as light,

Embrace the source – of all that’s right.

God’s light now shines – for all to see it,

I end this ritual Now – So Be It!