Mizongquan Shaolin Training

The following is a list of specific teachings and masteries that were required before any student could qualify to receive a lineage rank. This special instruction included the following Shaolin teachings:

1. Warm-Up Exercises

  • Yijin Jing (18 Muscle/Tendon Chang Classics)
  • Ma Bu (Horse Posture) Training
  • Five Animal Warm-Up
  • Practice Hand Set

2. Sidi (First Level of Training)

  • Monkey Hand Chin-Na (Joint-locking)
  • Small Advancing Fist (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Snake, Tiger, and Crane Combination (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Eight Rungs on the Ladder to Heaven (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Dragon Gathers the Four Winds Staff (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Five Animal Fighting Training
  • Free Style Fighting
  • Basic Traumatology and Herbal Healing
  • Martial Qigong Training, Iron Shirt Training

3. Sihing (Second Level of Training)

  • Monkey Hand Chin-Na (Joint-locking)
  • Crossing Bridge (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Five Big Tiger (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Five Small Tiger (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • 18 Hook (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Leopard Fist (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Wooden Dummy Training
  • Advanced Chin-Na (Choking, Joint-locking, and Point Paralysis)
  • Ground Fighting
  • Single and Double Stick (Fighting Drills and Free-Style Applications)
  • Single and Double Knife Fighting (Single and Double Knife Applications)
  • White Ape Dragging Broadsword Set (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Multiple Weapons Fighting
  • Circle of Fire (Inside Fighting – Two VS One)
  • Golden Snake Formation (Multiple Opponent Fighting)
  • Advanced Traumatology (Joint-Setting), Herbal Healing, Acupressure, Tuina
  • Intermediate Martial Qigong Training, Crushing Palm Training

4. Sisuk (Third Level of Training)

  • Drunken Monkey (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Yen Ching Double Broadsword Set (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Spear (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Guan Dao (Form and Fighting Applications)
  • Advanced Martial Qigong Training and Shengong Training
  • Blindfolded Sparring

5. Sifu (Final Level of Training)

Five Monkey Ni-Zung Fighting Training:

  • Stone Monkey Training
  • Horse Monkey Training
  • Drunken Monkey Training
  • Wooden Monkey Training
  • Crafty Monkey Training

Advanced Martial Qigong and Shengong Training

Double-Edged Straight Sword (Form and Fighting Applications)


Mizonguan Shaolin Shifu (Masters) and Tudi (Disciples)

The following list of disciples have either earned the title for the rank of lineage “Sifu” (“Master Teacher”); or have personally embodied the training and have earned the title of lineage “Tudi” (Disciple).


Mizonguan Shaolin Shifu (Masters) and Tudi (Disciples)

Mizongquan Shaolin Shifu (Master) List

(#1) Sifu David Helak
(#2) Sifu Rod Sasaki
(#3) Sifu William Welch Jr.
(#4) Sifu Mike Walker


Mizongquan Shaolin Tudi (Disciple) List

(#1) Tudi Ric Valentine
(#2) Tudi Eddy Bates
(#3) Tudi Jon Lee
(#4) Tudi Tony Timmer
(#5) Tudi Marvin White
(#6) Tudi Tudi Jim Myricks