Doctor of Chinese Energetic

Medicine Certificate (D.C.E.M.)

Awarded by Bian Hua Gong (The Temple of Change and Transformation) Daoist Temple

An ancient approach of healing the body, mind, and spirit – these classes specifically designed for awakening and training one’s hidden energetic potential.

The seminars are now arranged as stand-alone teaching courses, which can be collectively combined in order to obtain a “Doctor of Chinese Energetic Medicine” certificate from the Bian Hua Gong (Temple of Change & Transformation) Daoist Temple.  

This final certificate of completion will be awarded once all of the 16 instructional courses have been completed and a doctoral thesis has been turned in. 

Please be aware that these classes are designed to bring about great shifts in spiritual consciousness, as well as awaken a deeper physical, mental, and emotional healing state of awareness – all of which was traditionally used in ancient China in order to positively change and transform a person’s state of being.

Seminars Dates and Syllabi


Aug. 2019 - Seminar: Foundations of Chinese Energetic Medicine

Nov. 2019 - Seminar: Introduction to Energetics & Perceptual Intuition


Feb. 2020 - Seminar: Training Thought, Sound, & Light Projection

May 2020 - Seminar: Qigong Applications, Prescriptions & Healing Meditations

Aug. 2020 - Seminar: Qigong Posture, Breath & Mind Training

Nov. 2020 - Seminar: Intuitive, Empathetic, & Kinesthetic Perception Training


Feb. 2021 - Seminar: Healing Stones, Gem Remedies, & Feng Shui Training

May. 2021 - Seminar: The 16 Internal Principles & Neigong Training

Aug. 2021 - Seminar: Medical Qigong Therapy – Neurology & Geriatrics

Nov. 2021 - Seminar: An Energetic Approach to Treating Cancer


Feb. 2022 - Seminar: Divine Law, Divine Healing, & Creating Tools of Light

May 2022 - Seminar: Energy Cultivation & The 3 Powers Training

Aug. 2022 - Seminar: The Taiji Pole - 3 Dantian & 12 Chakras Training

Nov. 2022 - Seminar: Energetic Psychology, Emotional Alchemy & Spiritual Transformation


Feb. 2023 - Seminar: Thought-Forms, Disembodied Souls & Spirit Entities

May 2023 - Seminar: Clinical Pathology & Removing Spirit Parasites