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The Temple of the Celestial Cloud

Welcome to the official web site of the Temple of the Celestial Cloud (Tian Yun Gong), located in Monterey California. The Temple of the Celestial Cloud was founded by Senior Abbot, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson in 2005, and is a Diocese of the Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain) Daoist Monastery located in Jiangxi Province, China. This special Daoist Temple is a sanctum for devotees of Chinese Medical Qigong Healing, Daoist Internal Martial Arts Instruction, and the study of Esoteric Daoist Mysticism.

According to ancient Daoist teaching, the secret wisdom, depth of knowledge, and esoteric experiences gained from training Daoist Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Mysticism is truly deep and profound. The radiant illuminations derived from their subtle innermost teachings are beyond words, and can only be grasped by direct experience.

As of 2018, Professor Johnson officially announced to the public that one of his senior disciples Dr. Kelly Ryan Lake, a master of Daoist Wudang Internal Martial Arts (Taijiquan and Baguazhang), Chinese Energetic Medicine (Medical Qigong Therapy), and Zhengyi Daoist mysticism, is the Tian Yun Gong Daoist School’s formal representative in Daoist mystical studies. Next year (February 2019), Doctor Kelly will be teaching a 7 year course focused on studying esoteric Daoist Mysticism. All those interested in attending these fascinating internet Web classes, please contact Dr. Kelly at the following email: kelly@daoistlake.com

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