A Medical Qigong Therapeutic Approach To Cancer Treatment Prescriptions

Ancient Chinese Understanding Of Tumor Formations

The Medical Qigong techniques traditionally used in the T.C.M. Clinics for treating tumors and cancer formation, are special energetic methods designed to purge the energy that supports the tumor formation. These special techniques are based on understanding the fundamental energetic patterns that support and “feed” the cancer.
The primary goal in the treatment of these toxic energetic patterns, it to first focuses on treating the patient’s Excess Syndromes through Purgation (defined as energetically removing various forms of Qi Stagnations). Purgation is then followed by Tonification (the strengthening of any weak or deficient internal organ and/or channel system); which is followed by Regulation (i.e., the balancing of the body’s internal and external energetic structures).
Once the rapid expulsion of “Evil Factors” and the support and growth of the body’s healthy energy has been achieved, the human tissues may quickly return back to a normal, healthy functional restoration, and create within itself a more vigorous metabolic activity. This allows more nourishment to be absorbed, delivered, and distributed throughout the body, returning the patient’s tissues back to a state of health.
Tumor and cancer cells create their own space within the body’s tissues by crowding the normal tissues. These sometimes rapidly growing tumor and cancer cells grab nourishing energy at the expense of the host, thus damaging the patient’s body.
In the Medical Qigong Clinic, diseases such as tumor formations are viewed as being similar in their energetic expansion and growth, to that of the energetic patterns of a growing plant. When tracing the origin of a tumor’s tissue formation, a Medical Qigong Doctor will begin at the tumor’s location (its physical manifestation is considered to actually be the “flower or fruit” of the disease), and then trace its energetic branches back to the organ of origin (the actual root and cause of the disease). If the disease is internally induced, the original source (i.e., the dysfunctional internal organ) is believed to be culprit responsible for energetically feeding the tumor throughout it initial tissue formation stage. This commonly occurs through the chronic induction of Toxic Qi, continually pouring into the body’s internal energetic system, usually created by way of deeply suppressed traumatic emotions.


Medical Qigong Cancer Prescription Exercises

In China, when discussing the various theories and applications traditionally used for effectively treating cancer, it is believed by most Medical Qigong Doctors the following: ”By changing the patient’s normal breathing pattern into rapid exhalation pattern (e.g., as practiced in the Medical Qigong Walking Therapy); incorporating slow, deep inhalation and exhalation exercises (as practised in the Deep Breathing Method); and through utilizing relaxed vibrational toning (as practised in the Healing Sound Resonation Therapy), most blood clots and tumor formations can be dissolved.
Through various kinds of Medical Qigong Breathing and Walking Prescription Therapies, Qi within the tissues can be energized to flow so vigorously through the Conception Vessel, that the patient’s Yin and Yang energy is suddenly balanced and their Lung Channels become strengthened. In the course of treating a tumor or cancer formation, the patient’s True Qi (Zhen Qi) is nurtured, and the body’s immune system becomes strengthened.
In the T.C.M. Clinic, after the cancer patient has undergone their initial treatment session, a Medical Qigong Doctor will prescribe several of the following Four Cancer Treatment Methods as “Homework:” Nutritional Counseling and Herbal Prescriptions, Healing Sound Resonating Therapy, Deep Breathing Meditation Therapy, and Medical Qigong Walking Therapy (Figure 1.1). The type of nutritional counseling and herbal prescriptions, as well as Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises and Meditations that will be used by the patient (as well as its duration time), will specifically depend on the patient’s overall condition (energetic strength and physical constitution):

  1. Nutrition and Herbs: Dietary factors are an important consideration when focusing on the cancer’s etiology. Substantiated by the latest biochemical, epidemiological and clinical research, nutrients can not only directly support the body and protect the tissues against cancer, but can also mobilize our genes to better preserve normal cell growth.
  2. Healing Sound Resonation Therapy: Diseased internal organs, cysts, tumors, and cancer are characteristic of Excess Stagnation of Qi, Blood and Phlegm, as well as Heat and Cold Stagnations. Chronic diseases, marked by Obstruction of Channel Qi, Disorders of Qi and Blood, and the Imbalance of Yin and Yang, are also included as Excess Stagnation Syndromes. Healing Sound Therapy (the method of exhaling various sounds) involve a special series of tone resonation exercises, which are utilized to disperse internal and external stagnations.
  3. Deep Breathing Meditation Therapy: The method of Deep Breathing Meditation tranquilizes the patient’s mind, and enhances his or her Yuan Qi. By increasing the patient’s Yuan Qi, the patients’ Immune System is improved and the Vital Qi is nourished. The method of Deep Breathing Meditation Therapy is traditionally used for treating various forms of cancers that have been brought about due to mental and emotional factors, such as chronic stress. Once stress becomes chronic, individuals slowly begin to change their normal, lower-belly breathing patterns, which eventually gives birth to internal stagnations. These Respiratory Meditation Prescriptions Exercises are special techniques used in China to also purge Excess Qi from the patient’s Internal organs, Channels ,and Collaterals, remove Blood Stasis, disperse Qi Stagnations, and promote the circulation of Qi. Additionally Deep Breathing Meditation exercises can be used to harmonize the ascending Yang (Clean Qi) and the descending Yin (Turbid Qi) which promotes the flow of clean Qi and Blood throughout the internal organs.
  4. Medical Qigong Walking Therapy: Research from China proves that persistent training, vigorous enough to increase a person’s heartbeat to 70-80% of its maximum capacity, helps dissolve Blood Clots. Other clinical reports state that long distance running can be effectively used to cure cancers. These reports may help explain why Fast Walking and Rapid Breathing Methods are effective for preventing and treating cancer.

The choice of which Medical Qigong Homework Prescription Exercises should be assigned to a patient after clinical application, should be based on differentiation of symptoms and signs. Since cancers are primarily caused by a combination of Emotional Strains, Strong Pathogenic Evils, and a weakness of the patient’s Righteous Qi (the energy responsible for internally supporting patient’s immune system), Clinical Therapy should normally be focused on Purging the Evil Pathogenic Factors first, then Tonifying the patient’s “Righteous Qi.”


Clinical Treatment and The Doctor’s Internal Belief System

In the T.C.M. Clinic, it is important that the Medical Qigong Doctor understand the full potential of his or her energetic influence on the treatments provided for the patient. Without proper instruction, Qi Emission techniques can potentially cause devastating results within the patient’s tissues.
The challenge with Qi Emission lies not in the releasing of life-force energy, but in understanding the various energetic movements and learning how to control the power and flow of the projection. If an individual is distracted or unstable when projecting Qi, he or she may suddenly induce further energetic imbalances within the patient’s body. For example, Tonifying too much can create an Excess condition, which can then cause the tumor to increase in size; Purging too much can create an extreme Deficient condition, resulting in atrophy syndrome and the potential of metastases.
Several years ago in the Peoples Republic of China, 27 Medical Qigong Masters were tested for their ability to treat cancer. Three flasks containing cancer cells were presented on a table in front of each Medical Qigong Master. In the first flask, the Qigong Master was directed to increase the growth of the cancer; in the second flask, the cancer was to be destroyed. The master was then directed not to disturb the third flask, as it would act as the control for the experiment. To everyone’s amazement, each of the Medical Qigong Doctors were successful in increasing the cancer production in the first flask, as well as destroying the cancer in the second flask. The experiments were repeated several times, always yielding with the same results.
There have been several times in my own clinic, when I have had to contend with well meaning “energy healers” who were actually increasing the patient’s cancer by Tonifying the disease instead of Purging the cancer toxins. Because they did not have proper energetic training in addressing cancer tumor formations, and were outwardly resistant to receiving any form of teaching in Chinese Energetic Medicine, these “energy healers” were unknowingly destroying the patients chances of healing by continuing to Tonify (strengthening) the patient’s disease.


Maintaining A Child-Like Faith

Another important point to address when treating any type of disease, is the understanding that the patient’s “faith” and the treating doctor’s “belief,” can both have a powerful effect on the outcome of the treatment.
If a doctor addresses cancer treatment with only an analytical mind, he or she runs the risk of energetically empowering the disease. One example of relying a doctor’s diagnosis to the patient’s detriment occurred in California,back  in 1999. Having the same name, two patients’ lab tests were accidently switched. The healthy patient was informed by the doctor that he had terminal cancer and immediately underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The actual patient with terminal cancer was given a clean bill of health and resumed a normal, active life-style. The healthy patient, having undergone chemotherapy, died nine months later. An autopsy confirmed the misdiagnosis (litigations immediately began). The patient that was terminally ill, believing that there was no disease, experienced a remission of his cancer (several lab tests confirm the termination of the disease’s progression).
This is why, when a Medical Qigong Doctor addresses cancer, he or she overviews it as a form of Energetic Stagnation, acknowledging only its need to be Purged and dissolved back into the energetic Void from which it was spawned.
The Medical Qigong Doctor also acknowledges the simple truth that, “doctors treat and the Divine heals;” and that any form of disease has spiritual, energetic and physical reactions and considerations that must all be addressed. It is because of their simple approach of obtaining energetic harmony that the Medical Qigong Doctors have a reputation for healing advanced stages of cancer and performing what some Western Medicine considers the “impossible.”