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The Temple of the Celestial Cloud

Welcome to the official web site of the Temple of the Celestial Cloud (Tian Yun Gong), located in Monterey California. The Temple of the Celestial Cloud was founded by Senior Abbot, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson in 2005, and is a Diocese of the Longhu Shan (Dragon Tiger Mountain) Daoist Monastery located in Jiangxi Province, China. This special Daoist Temple is a sanctum for devotees of Chinese Medical Qigong Healing, Daoist Internal Martial Arts Instruction, and the study of Esoteric Daoist Mysticism.

According to ancient Daoist teaching, the secret wisdom, depth of knowledge, and esoteric experiences gained from training Daoist Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Spiritual Mysticism is truly deep and profound. The radiant illuminations derived from their subtle innermost teachings are beyond words, and can only be grasped by direct experience.

 The five Daozhang (Daoist Abbotts) of Tian Yun Gong From Left to Right: Dr. Daniel Devine, Dr. William Welch Jr., Dr. Laura Johnson-McCreary, Dr. John DeAnzo, and Tom Dicklin

The five Daozhang (Daoist Abbotts) of Tian Yun Gong
From Left to Right: Dr. Daniel Devine, Dr. William Welch Jr., Dr. Laura Johnson-McCreary,
Dr. John DeAnzo, and Tom Dicklin

It is said that the ultimate goal of studying Daoist Alchemy and Esoteric Mysticism is to awaken those who are spiritually asleep, and to apprentice those who are already “awake.” Whether or not an individual’s spiritual discipline has been rooted in a particular religious teaching, if they seek hard enough, they will eventually discover the esoteric “truth” of true spiritual enlightenment.

This “road less traveled” eventually leads the seeker to more spiritually evolved levels of growth and development. Gradually the individual experiences a “personal relationship” with the Divine, and naturally lives as a “True Man (Zhen Ren) of “Divine light,” sharing this divine joy, awareness, love, and compassion with everyone who he or she encounters. One ancient Daoist teaching states “Tian Ren He Yi” (“All Heavenly People are in Harmony as One.”)

Without proper training, however, many well meaning individuals end up becoming religious fundamentalists or philosophical robots, memorizing and reciting sacred texts and holy scriptures without the ability to embody the true teachings of the original founders of that particular spiritual tradition. These uneducated individuals unquestioningly follow religious dogma, condemning or denying everything that is not taught or associated with their own particular system of religious belief.
The study of ancient Daoist Alchemy is not the study of a specific religion. It is instead the collection, organization, and application of secret knowledge derived from thousands of years of ceaseless experimentation and energetic transformation. It is the true study of the energetic and spiritual building blocks that create and support all life as we know it. It is therefore considered to be simply the research and study of spiritual “truth.”

The following teachings, and the information presented within the Tian Yun Gong (Temple of the Celestial Cloud), is presented as a gift to those sincere students and disciples who truly strive for a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life, and for a deeper walk with the Divine. This secret information is presented, so that those disciples who have dedicated their lives to the uncovering of the various mysteries hidden within Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Daoist Magic, may all unravel the true potential of their hidden internal power and spiritual gifts.

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