Medical Qigong Syllabi

The following course materials are the “16 Official Syllabi” and their associated “Exams” used during the Academic and Clinical Instructions offered in all International Institute of Medical Qigong Programs. They follow the various teachings presented in the Five New Medical Qigong Textbooks entitled: “The Secret Teachings of Chinese Energetic Medicine.”

These Five Medical Qigong Textbooks and their 10 Medical Qigong Therapy Instructional DVDs, are also offered in the IIMQ Publish House site; and are presented in order to help all practitioners of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Medical Qigong Therapy, and Acupuncture Therapy follow the course materials described in these New Syllabi.

The new materials placed in the 5 new textbooks follow the 16 New Syllabuses located on the IIMQ Website – and all of the Certified IIMQ Instructors are following this new format.

If you teach from the “old” syllabus, your students will not be receiving the complete teachings, which may begin to discredit your position and qualifications as an Certified IIMQ Instructor.

The IIMQ has earned the strong reputation from the People’s Republic of China for maintaining and exceeding the strict standards held by the PRC Medical Qigong Colleges for Academic and Clinical Excellence; and is dedicated in still maintaining these high standards in their students.

Therefore, it is most advantageous for both the Instructors and their students that they follow the new source material, as they now have an opportunity to go deeper into the subject content and excel from the expanded course materials.