Providing Donations to the

Temple of the Celestial Cloud


When you donate to the Temple of the Celestial Cloud, you share in the Group Karma of the Temple. This Group Karma consists of the energetic causes and effects influenced by all of the Senior Abbots, Abbots, and Priests actions (e.g., meditations, prayers, worship, healings, counseling, and exorcisms). The Chinese word “Xing” often refers to specific types of “deeds” or “activities,” while “Gong” refers to one’s “merit.” Both of these terms relate to the term “Karma” (“Yuan”).

All actions are essentially seeds for karmic reaction, and they collect within an individual’s Spirit Body waiting to sprout. Once these karmic seeds begin to sprout, their energetic course becomes predestined. As these karmic seeds mature, they begin to produce fruit, which filters into the individual’s Energy Body. This karma then induces the individual’s Energy Body to influence his Physical Body, and places him in the proper place and time to experience either the pleasant or unpleasant results of his or her past actions.

This is why in ancient China, the merit and virtue of helping just one person obtain immortality was considered incalculable. The spiritual benefits not only applied to the individual in this lifetime, but it also extended for nine previous generations, and nine generations to come.