Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy

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The Doctorate of Medical Qigong (DMQ) certification program provided students with an opportunity to pursue advanced specialization in Medical Qigong Oncology Therapy. Students who completed this specialized clinical program received a diploma from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, the Overseas Medical Qigong College of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and from the Western District Medical Qigong Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute in Beijing, China. Students, who had prior training in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and had previously received their Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (M.T.C.M.), also received their clinical license from the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Health as Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (D.T.C.M.).


The Medical Qigong Doctor Qualifications

In order to qualify as a Medical Qigong Doctor form the International Institute of Medical Qigong,
you must complete a 2,000 hour Clinical Program. This special Medical Program includes the following:

  • 936 hours of lecture, lab, and internship –
  • 72 hours of Supervised Clinical Theatre –
  • 818 hours of Clinical Externship – and
  • 174 hours of Additional Course Related Material –

All of which are based upon the academic and clinical curriculum established at the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University in Beijing China, – And supervised by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, under the International Institute of Medical Qigong, the Overseas Medical Qigong College of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Emphasis placed on this ancient medical teaching focuses on both the analytical/deductive and the intuitive approaches
to comprehending and utilizing the body-energy-and mind for cultivation, regulation, and clinical application. This special training in Chinese Energetic Medicine includes the study of:

  • Chinese Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Energetic Embryological Development
  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Clinical Application
  • The Pathologies of Tissue, Blood, Energy, and Spirit
  • Introduction to Clinical Foundations & Formulating Treatment Plans
  • Introduction to Medical Qigong Theory and Clinical Application
  • The Pathologies of the Human Bodies Energetic Matrix
  • Clinical Examination and Diagnosis
  • Sensory, Intuitive, and Perceptual Diagnosis
  • Self-Regulation Prescription Therapy
  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine for Internal Diseases
  • Energetic Diagnosis and Symptomatology
  • Energetic Psychology
  • Treatment of Internal Organ Diseases and Prescription Exercises
  • Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Differentiation of Psycho-Emotional Disorders
  • Differential Diagnosis of Energetic Principles
  • Qi Deviations and Dao Yin Therapy
  • Distance Qi Emission Therapy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Five Element Massage Therapy
  • Qigong Massage Therapy
  • Acupressure Point Therapy
  • Cupping and Moxa Therapy
  • Sound, Light, and Mineral Therapy
  • Medical Qigong Therapy for Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Gynecology, and Neurology
  • Clinical Oncology #1
  • Clinical Oncology #2
  • Clinical Oncology and Herbal Therapy
  • Western Anatomy and Physiology
  • Western Internal Diseases
  • Pharmaceutical Terminology
  • Plus – A Doctoral Thesis based on the students extensive Clinical Experience.
Medical Qigong Class ’12

Medical Qigong Class ’12

The following students have fulfilled all academic and clinical requirements, and have received special certification as a Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (D.M.Q.):

1997 DMQ Graduating Class

Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, DC, DMQ
Arnold E. Tayam, DMQ

2003 DMQ Graduating Class

Dr. Lois Brunner, MS, DMQ
Dr. Janette Lillian Carver, DMQ
Dr. Ted J. Cibik, ND, DMQ
Dr. Dennis Martin Earnest, DMQ
Dr. Gideon Enz, DMQ
Dr. L. Francesca Ferrari, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., DTCM, DMQ
Dr. Suzanne B. Friedman, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., MTCM, DMQ
Dr. Louis B. Frizzell, DMQ
Dr. Thomas Katsabekis, DMQ
Dr. Michelle Ann Katsabekis , DMQ
Dr. Elizabeth M. Marcum, MA, DMQ
Dr. Deneen C. Seril, DMQ
Dr. Eric W. Shaffer, BA, DMQ

2004 DMQ Graduating Class

Shifu Bernard Shannon, DMQ
Dr. Jade Goldstein Stewart, DMQ
Dr. Lisa Van Ostrand, DMQ

2006 DMQ Graduating Class

Dennis Alexander, DMQ, PhD
Harry Haryanto, DMQ
Thomas Leichardt, DMQ
Keyes Lloyd, DMQ
Kelly Loos, DMQ
Margaret McDonald, DMQ
Krista Merrimac, DMQ
Dr. Veronica Ramirez, DMQ
Dr. Jennifer Talyor, DMQ
Dr. Mary Wallis, DMQ

2009 DMQ Graduating Class

Dr. Michael M Ackerman, DMQ
Dr. Fern Alexander, DMQ
Dr. Isaac Goren, DMQ
Dr. Jo McCauley, DMQ

2012 DMQ Graduating Class

Dr. Hannibal Abera, DMQ
Dr. Pat Bardone, DMQ
Dr. Francis Bottone, DMQ
Dr. Barbara Branaman, DMQ
Dr. Tyler Cole, DMQ
Dr. Matty Cook, DMQ
Dr. Cloe Couturier, DMQ
Dr. John DeAnzo II, DMQ
Dr. Daniel Devine, DMQ
Dr. Amba Ann Dryg, DMQ
Dr. Julie Endsburg, DMQ
Dr. Marcy Estudillo, DMQ
Dr. Harris Frank, DMQ
Dr. Mara Frank, DMQ
Dr. Doug Gallant, DMQ
Dr. Sean Lee Gardner, DMQ
Dr. Phil Garrison, DMQ
Dr. Sri Srikanth Gopalaswami, DMQ
Dr. David Haro, DMQ
Dr. Chris Holder, DMQ
Dr. Justin Howell, DMQ
Dr. Danny Hull, DMQ
Dr. Zen Heijin Hwang, DMQ
Dr. Erika Rosa Johnson, DMQ
Dr. Bob Joyce, DMQ
Dr. Kelly Lake, DMQ
Dr. Chad Lanphear, DMQ
Dr. Kristen Lansdale , DMQ
Dr. Chad Laughlin, DMQ
Dr. Genady Leyfman, DMQ
Dr. Keyes Lloyd, DMQ
Dr. Ariel Ma’ayan, DMQ
Dr. Mairam Mansy, DMQ
Dr. Laure Johnson McCreary, DMQ
Dr. Marty Morgenrath, DMQ
Dr. Eve Yvette Payan, DMQ
Dr. Marie R. Pujalte, DMQ
Dr. Word Ramirez, DMQ
Dr. Victor Bowman Rivera, DMQ
Dr. Chunīyo Yvonne Rodriguez, DMQ
Dr. Sundar Tomas Sanchez, DMQ
Dr. Christine Sanmiquel, DMQ
Dr. Diego Sanmiquel, DMQ
Dr. Rodney Sasaki, DMQ
Dr. Vladi Starkov, DMQ
Dr. Chrissy Suits, DMQ
Dr. Dawn Sullivan, DMQ
Dr. Michael Sweeney, DMQ
Dr. Takashi Tamasu, DMQ
Dr. Natalie Trees, DMQ
Dr. Lishanna Tryllium, DMQ
Dr. Daniele Uzes, DMQ
Dr. Mary VanTran, DMQ
Dr. William Welch Jr., DMQ
Dr. Billy Weltch, DMQ