Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson Ph.D, DTCM, DMQ

4 Year Medical Qigong Doctorate Certification


P-1: Introduction to Medical Qigong

This course is designed to introduce the student to foundational principles and practices of Medical Qigong Therapy.   Students will be introduced to energetic embryology,  energetic anatomy and physiology according to ancient Chinese theory and a host of Qigong and Shengong meditations. Exercises for each of the body’s internal organ systems will be taught as well as the mechanisms behind their efficacy to maximize understanding.
At the end of the course, students will understand how to analyze and categorize Qigong exercises as well as establish their own personal Medical Qigong workout.  It can be of benefit as a stand alone course for someone looking to deeper their energetic sensitivity and focus solely on learning to regulate their personal energy.  There are no prerequisites.

32hr CEU pending (California Acupuncture Board)

The cost is $2000 per seminar.


Day 1

7:30 am Registration
8:00 am History & Energetic Terminology 
9:00 am Energetic Anatomy and Physiology 
10:00 am Energetic Embryological Development
12:00 (noon) - Break for Lunch 
2:00 pm Rooting the Three Bodies

Day 2

8:00 am Prenatal Seas of Yin & Yang Qi
9:00 am The Six Extraordinary Organs
11:00 am Nature, Nurture & Reincarnation
12:00 (noon) - Break for Lunch 
2:00 pm The Postnatal Channel Flows 
3:00 pm The Body’s Shadow Organs & Channels
4:00 pm The Channel Dredging Exercise
5:00 pm Purging Organs and Channel

Day 3

8:00 am Natural (Prenatal/Fetal) Breathing
9:00 am The Daoist Five Yin Organ Exercise 
10:00 am The Daoist Five Yin Organ Exercise 
12:00 (noon) - Break for Lunch
2:00 pm The Daoist Five Yin Organ Exercise Cont.
4:00 pm Gwan Gong Stroking Beard -Kid. Ex.


Day 4

8:00 am Old Man and Tide Pool Exercise 
10:00 am Six Healing Sounds Exercise (A) 
12:00 (noon) - Break for Lunch
2:00 pm Six Healing Sounds Exercise (B) 
4:00 pm The Clinical Applications of Sound
5:00 pm The Golden Ball Regulation Exercise


Day 5

8:00 am The Sleeping Dragon Exercise 
9:00 am Dragon Waking and Thrashing & Dragon Plays With Pearl 
12:00 (noon) - Break for Lunch
2:00 pm The Four Guardians Meditation

4:00 pm Diagnosing the Energetic Function of Various Qigong Exercises 
5:30 pm Certification